Water is awesome!
It cools us. It calms us. It keeps us alive.
One thing water isn't?
Something we can keep taking for granted.

In Southern California, water is a scarce and sacred
resource, because we basically live in a desert.
We're now in the 3rd year of a historic drought,
and it's damn scary, but we don't have to feel powerless.

H2No is a rally cry for water conservation, and against water waste.
H2No is about all the things water isn't (ornamental, abundant),
and a celebration of all the things it is.
H2No is a movement you can join, right now, by pledging to
change your own behavior.

Let's do this, SoCal!
Get Involved!

We know you're doing your part to save water, but did you know that a little peer pressure goes a long way in getting your friends on board? Here are two easy steps you can take to spread the word socially.

Take the H2No Pledge
Share your commitment to water conservation with a full-throated social media yelp! Take the pledge and join our movement.
Take the pledge

Change Your Profile Pics
Pics or it didn't happen! Let people know you're committed to saving water by denying them the pleasure of looking at your beautiful face for a little while.
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Download your profile

Are you still seeing water waste in your neighborhood? Yes it's sad, yes it's frustrating, but you can try to change behaviors by sharing knowledge in a positive way.

We've created simple tools you can share with your neighbors, custom-tailored to support three different levels of what we'll call "Neighbor Love Levels."

LEVEL ONE: "I don't really know my neighbors, but I'm sure they're great!"
Download a simple one-sheet and share it with every house on your block. Some people genuinely don't know the rules about water usage, so you're saving them a $500 fine from the DWP!**

LEVEL TWO: "I know my neighbors, but I still feel a bit awkward talking to them about water conservation."
Download, print, and share this fun hang-tag on your neighbors door to give them a lil' nudge towards saving water.**

LEVEL THREE: My neighbors and I are BFFs! I can talk to them about anything!
We have a limited supply of H2No lawn signs. Email us and we'll send you one while we have them.

**Please print on recycled paper if you can!**

**Did we leave an H2No sign on your lawn? If you don't want this sign, please share it with someone who does. You can also email us and we'll come get it from you for free!**

I Own My Home:

a. Choose Drought-Friendly Plants!
Pick plants that naturally thrive in So Cal's climate, such as cacti, succulents, sage, warm weather grasses, and more!

b. Upgrade Your Sprinklers!
Having the right sprinklers makes a world of difference. Our friends at Save Our H2O have tons of info for you.

c. Mow It High!
Mowing your lawn higher is the way to go during a drought. It helps reduce growth rate, which lessens your water demands.

d. Turf Removal - There's Cash In Your Lawn!
The DWP offers a $3 // sq ft rebate if you remove your lawn. Get started today!

I Rent My Home:

Renters have a voice too! And the math adds up too — it makes long-term economic sense for your landlord to steer their properties towards water conservation.

Share this simple one-sheet with your landlord. You can mail it in with your rent check, and follow up with a phone call!

H2No signs are the hottest celebrity sighting in LA. Hollar at us if you see one -- post it on social media with #H2No.


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As a recognized leader in the field of sustainable design, ML+A has been responsible for LEED certified projects at all levels. ML+A provides sustainable solutions for transforming challenging sites into multi-beneficial public amenities that incorporate public transit, creative stormwater management and treatment solutions, and integrated ecological systems.

Passionate about improving water conservation, and restoring ecosystems, ML+A believes that all projects, whether urban parks, courtyards, or residences, deserve innovative design matched by intelligent, resilient practices, incorporating sustainable strategies such as native and water conserving plantings, highly efficient irrigation systems, and various methods to achieve ground water recharge and stormwater quality improvements.

ML+A has garnered significant experience working on large-scale watershed master plans in the Los Angeles area, such as the Compton Creek Garden Park Master Plan, the Pacoima Wash Vision Plan, the San Pedro Waterfront and Promenade Master Plan, Baldwin Hills State Park Master Plan, and the Ballona Creek Trail and Bikeway Improvement Master Plan Study. In addition, the firm has been involved in Los Angeles River programs, including acting as the local design firm on the national interdisciplinary Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan team.

The firm has performed services for municipalities and non-profit organizations including: the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering, the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the Metropolitan Water District, the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, the California Coastal Conservancy, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, the Los Angeles Unified School District, and the Beverly Hills Unified School district.

Our primary focus is on envisioning and creating exceptional urban environments. We do not begin any of our projects with a preconceived notion; rather, we ask questions of ourselves, our client, and our team, which inform the design and implementation process. The diverse nature of our clients and projects demonstrates our ambitious and comprehensive perspective. Regardless of scale or level of complexity, we remain committed to innovative design, quality service, the process of collaboration, and the belief that landscape has the power to enhance the livability of a city and heal the land.

DIGDEEP is a human rights organization working to secure sustainable water access for every human being. They're not just digging wells abroad, they're also working in the U.S. to empower water-marginalized populations while convincing everyday Americans to better care for their precious water resources through initiatives like the #4Liters Challenge.